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2023 CAPIO Award of Distinction Winner

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The Greater Los Angeles County Vector Control District’s (GLACVCD/District) Education Program received an Award of Distinction for its Connecting with Students Using TikTok submission at the 2023 California Public Information Officers (CAPIO) “EPIC” Awards competition under the Social Media Best Use Overall Category.

Every year the CAPIO “EPIC” Awards recognizes the most creative and effective efforts in the areas of communication, and work that transcends innovation and craft. GLAmosquito Education Program’s Connecting with Students Using TikTok focuses on how the program uses TikTok to engage and connect with its students, leaving a lasting impression about mosquitoes, mosquito-borne diseases, and its education program.

Below is a summary of GLACVCD's Education Program.


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The Education Program Coordinators (EPCs) successfully switched from in-person to virtual learning due to the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020. They were inspired to continue making a connection and a lasting impression with students outside the classroom.





 Research & Planning 

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Considering that the District's education program's target audience is 5th-grade students, the EPCs researched the most popular social media platforms among this group of students. Based on their research, it was identified that our target audience mainly used TikTok. Thus in 2021, we decided that the EPCs would launch the @mosquitoSWATLab TikTok account.

The overall goal of using Tik Tok would be to make a long-standing connection with students outside of the virtual classroom.

In addition, Tik Tok would be used for the following:

  • Continuing mosquito education
  • Raising disease risk awareness 
  • Promoting the Education Program


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By implementing the following strategies, the EPCs created fun, trendy yet memorable, and educational videos and promote the account. 

  • Actively Posting 
  • Creative Content 
  • Trending sounds and music 
  • Relatable Hashtags 
  • Branding the presentation slides, website, and giveaways with @mosquitoSWATLab 




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Branding has been an essential component in promoting the account. The Education Program purchased promotional items to hand out in the classrooms and Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics (STEAM) events.






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Using Tik Tok to create fun and memorable videos to engage the students and target audience, the @mosquitoSWATLab TikTok page has grown its followers by 102% within one year. Since then, the @mosquitoSWATLab TikTok account has continued to increase followers, engagement, and viewership. TikTok has continued to be the Education Program's most popular social media account and is predicted to continue growing in 2023.


Be sure to follow our award-nominated TikTok account and other social media accounts for fun mosquito education content. TikTok, InstagramTwitter, and YouTube. 

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