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Mosquito League Education Program

Bringing the world of vector control into the classroom since 2001. The new and rebranded Mosquito League Education Program is a memorable experience your students will not forget.

Program Background

The Mosquito League Education Program offers a variety of programs and is targeted at 5th-grade students. The curriculum provides a hands-on experience with educational activities that promote student comprehension and learning. This education experience addresses public health, environmental sustainability, and vector control while helping teachers reach science-standard goals. 

Program Types 

Female student looking through microscope

Mosquito League Mobile Unit Experience 

This unique, hands-on experience with the Mobile League Mobile Unit is equipped with microscopes, an in-classroom presentation, and educational activities. Students are given an activity worksheet and a giveaway item.  

This program runs approximately for 1.5 hours and is available during and after school hours. 


group of students looking at mosquito larvae

Mosquito League In-Classroom Experience 

Take a field trip without leaving your classroom with our in-classroom experience. This is a fun and educational in-classroom presentation with hands-on activities for students to enjoy. Students are given an activity worksheet and a giveaway item. 

This program runs approximately 1 hour.  

(Note: Mosquito League Mobile Unit is not included in this reservation selection.


A laptop displaying a graphic for a "Mosquito League Virtual Program" with three animated characters.

Mosquito League Virtual Elementary School Program

Get ready to buzz with excitement as we bring mosquito education to your classroom...virtually! Follow the steps below to gain access to our Virtual Elementary School Program:

  1. Click here to access the Virtual Elementary School Presentation.
  2. Email to download the worksheet that accompanies the virtual presentation.


Ready to Reserve the Mosquito  League Education Program? 

  1. Visit our Reservation Page.
  2. Select your preferred presentation.
  3. After submitting your reservation, you will receive a confirmation email with additional details about your reservation.